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Managing Life's Sweet Sorrow

Managing Life's Sweet Sorrow is a small collection of letters from Maggie Rose's column, a short story, and poems she wrote and dedicated to the growing number of men and women who find themselves in the role of primary caregiver to an aging or frail parent or spouse. Maggie Rose's column, "Ask Maggie Rose," appears regularly in the Belmont Citizen-Herald. The book looks at complexity of the role reversals that happen as the aging process or illness increases one's need for assistance with routine daily adult tasks. It also addresses the sense of loss we feel as we watch someone we love start to decline, and of course, the grief that follows with the actual passing of a loved one. Intended to inform and inspire, the book offers poetry and a short work of nonfiction along with selected letters from readers. Rose writes her column in an effort to provide help that is pragmatic, heartfelt, and homespun with a touch of humor sprinkled in.