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In the years that I have known Rose, my respect for her has deepened. Of all the people I have known, she ranks as one of the highest for her integrity, caring, and thoughtfulness. This has come out in the numerous conversations we have had relative to her efforts to take care of her ailing mother and the difficulties of moving to a new area to live and work. Her ability to engage and reflect simultaneously is truly a remarkable gift. Perhaps it is the depth of her life experience that has taught her this. From a childhood filled with change and creativity, to motherhood, to businesswoman, to artist, to grandmother, and now a grown child in the position of mothering her own mother she has gained knowledge as well as humility. With all this, she has worn many hats, fulfilled many expectations, and seen life from numerous vantage points. Yet with all this, she has never lost track of the inherent goodness of each person and each moment.

With this ability to immerse her passion and intelligence into her interests, while also maintaining a position of observation, comes wisdom. She has that kind of wisdom, so rare these days, which allows one to pursue with all of one’s resources, emotional and intellectual, the things that one loves the most while at the same time never losing perspective on one’s self and one’s place in the world.

It is her passion that drives her to constantly strive for excellence. Yet it is her compassion and caring that invariably draws others to her. Though perhaps she can be a bit hard on herself, her striving for excellence, and at times, perfection, only comes because she cares so much for the people she loves and the world around her. In short, her passion comes from her desire to make a difference. Not just in the lives of the people close to her, but in the world as well…

                                                                                                               Dr. John P. Harkness Psy.D


Maggie Rose is a writer, volunteer for the Council on Aging and caregiver for stepdad, children, and grandchildren. She is the “Ask Maggie Rose” columnist for the Belmont Citizen-Herald, and lives in Belmont with her husband and family. She has studied at both Wheelock College in Boston, and Harvard University in Cambridge. She is currently working on a novel about family values. It is a story about a woman in her fifties caught in the middle of her mother’s health crisis and her married son’s marriage crisis. Her mother suffers a massive stroke and becomes an invalid, while her son’s family is falling apart due to the stress of his duties as a Marine in service during the ongoing war in Iraq. As the story unfolds the reader gains insight into the depths that a mother, a wife, a daughter will go to hold her family together. The heroine, named Grace, takes the reader through an emotional journey into the rediscovery of family in the twenty first century.

Maggie’s memoir, “Escaping Nazareth: Finding Hope without Salvation” should be available spring of 2012.



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